The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Application section for potential new Sunfall guild members.
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The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Post by Talkien » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:04 pm

About Me

Hello, my name is Bruno. I'm from Zagreb, Croatia. I am... huh an owner of a marketing company and two projects (one is connected to gaming, other to agriculture) and I work for a private school as digital project lead.

Where to begin :D Well it all started back in 2008. on Kor'gall, guild was T.J.P.F. - Joking :D I'm an old (TBC release) player. Back in the day I was really hardcore. Raided with Method for a while and I was mage class leader (mage) in top guild on Quel'talas for a while (when class leaders were still a thing). Now... im just roaming, searching for a place to be and bunch of people that still enjoy the game and it's content. Currently im in All or nothing guild on Emerald Dream but they are done with Mythic Uldir and alt runs are scarce.

A bunch of friendly people that like the game as much as i do. Raids, helping out, random runs, joking around. I do want to get back into the game a bit more (more than a bit)

10 or 11 years...

I get online almost every day after work. Sometimes a miss some days but usually im available when i need to be available.

I talked to Zofre (who sponsored your guild in game) :) He seemed nice and got me going, so i'm here!

About your toon

- I'm a frost mage (altho i was always fire before but yeah blizz doesn't like it anymore). This is my armory: ... m/Secondus also, please note that i've sold my original account (back when selling accounts was a thing :D) so yeah, the charr was named the same but he is on Sylvanass relam i think.

- I always liked range dps characters in mmo's. I did try a lot of different classes when i came back to wow but this is just the most fun for me. I know how to move and utilize everything the class offers.

- Well glyphs are out :D But about talents - i like to mix things up and change them depending on the situation. If we're fighting a single target based enemy i will change it and be a bit weaker on mobs just to maximize the potential of the kill. If we are just running through something i'm going with aoe spec.

- Also gone :D But i was always a crit kind of guy (fire is great with crit) - looking to transfer to haste now.

- Heroic raids are my next gear upgrades, and higher lvl mythics.

- Experiments! I was the guy who ran fire and frost back when everybody was arcane, then in wotlk we got firefrost spec (yes, i still think that was my achievement :D)

- I was server second with Obsidian Sanctum (three dragons) :D And i cleared Ulduar like 5th on the server. Before that, i raided everything in TBC as i was running with top notch harcore no life guilds. I stoppped after Ulduar, had a break for some time. Came back with Legion, cleared Legion as much as "no good guild" situation let me.

- DBM and reading tactics like a normal person (watching videos) - some things stick with you, when we had to spend hours trying to find the best way of killing something.

About you as a potential guild member

- As i was an officer in many guilds i'll just talk from experience. Firstly i wouldn't let it happen the second time as i would talk to the person after the first time it happened. The thing is, it's a game and rage and yelling doesn't work. After the first raid (where we wiped because of the one person) i would whisper him and try to get him in private channel of teamspeak (y'all remember teamspeak :D) and explain what happened. Try to give some advices and ensure that it doesn't happen again. People usually do these things because they are scared (doesn't know tactics) or unskilful and both can be dealt with. So yeah, i would try to boost his/hers confidence, explain the tactics of the encounter a bit more and give it another chance. After the second i would be much more harsh, and after the third we wouldn't really be talking again about raiding together.
Also, if the person is doing it on purpose - that's a different set of gloves (NO MERCY)

- Try to talk it out outside the guild chat (whispers)

- If i'm so beaten up that i can't really concentrate i wouldn't join as i would just be a dead weight (but if im like that i don't come online). In every other situation i would of course help out the guild!

- I'm the guy who starts to sing after 100th wipe on the same boss because i'm having fun!

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Re: The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Post by Zofre » Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:29 am

Hey Bruno.

Thanks for the application, the officers will talk it over and we will get back to you in 1-2 days.

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Re: The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Post by Sona » Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:07 pm

Hi Bruno thanks for the app. Can I just clarify are you looking to guild an alt for more casual raiding or is this a shift from Mythic raiding to more relaxed raiding in a more social environment on your main?

FYI, we’re not really raiding mythic presently and our primary focus is getting Curve each patch cycle with mythic kills when raid numbers allow, just to be fully transparent
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Re: The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Post by Zofre » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:36 pm

Hey Bruno, we have descided to offer you a trial in Sunfall.

Whisper an officer for an invite to the guild.

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Re: The mage stuck in time when WoW was awesome!

Post by Jura666 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:51 am

YESS!!! Another one from Zagreb!! plan is working out...

Ehm.. Again i say it out loud??

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