Shaman applying for guild

Application section for potential new Sunfall guild members.
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Shaman applying for guild

Post#1 » Sat May 05, 2018 8:33 pm

About Me

Hello! My name is Kim, im 30 years old from norway, got 2 kids, a wife and a job:P
Just came back to playing Wow after a few years break.

the last guild i was in were called Merely a Setback, it disbanded.

Im looking for a guild with humor, and who are raiding seriously.

Ive played on and of since vanilla. completed most raids in each expansion.

Im normally on in the evenings, from about 19:00-23:00

About your toon

- Name and class of your toon? Please link to armoury and try to log out in your main spec/gear while being considered.

Im playing shaman, it is only lvl 106 atm, i started playing a warrior when i came back, but i wanted my old shaman again, played shaman the last 3 expansions, as both healer and DPS.

- How much raiding experience do you have? What kind of content have you raided before?

i dont really remember all the names anymore, but done most of them, from MC to Naxx to Heroic Draenor raids.

- Which mods do you use for raiding?
Recount, DBM and whatever else im told to use.

About you as a potential guild member

- A fellow raid member is continually making mistakes on a difficult encounter, contributing to many wipes all night long. He/she did this last week also. How would you expect raidlead to deal with this issue?

I would expect the raid leader to try to figure out the problem, teach the one making the mistakes what he/she is doing wrong, and if it doesent help, they should be benched a raid or two to see if that helps.

- Someone in guild chat/raid chat has written something that offends you, what do you do?

i dont get easily offended.

- A fellow guildy is in guild chat trying to get a group for an instance/quest and your class/role is needed but no-one else is available. You are very tired, and are trying to relax but they are now whispering you, asking you to come and help even though you don't really want to. How do you deal with this?

if im online, im always up for doing stuff :)

whisper me if you want anymore info.

hope to see you guys soon :)


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Re: Shaman applying for guild

Post#2 » Sun May 06, 2018 6:13 am

Hello Kim, thank you for the application.
The officers will discuss it and get back to you in a day or two.

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Re: Shaman applying for guild

Post#3 » Mon May 07, 2018 11:05 am

We have discussed your application and have decided to offer you a trial in Sunfall.

Whisper an officer online for an invite!

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