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Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:21 am
by Jura666
About Me

My name is Damir Jurjević, ingame name is Jurita. Im located in Zagreb, Croatia. Im 52 years old and playing WOW since beta without longer pauses.

- Any previous guilds? If so, your reasons for leaving them?

My previous guild and actually on im in as well right now is The Fallen Order on server Bloodhoof. I was there guildmaster and raid leader for over 12 years. It is mature guild and we play together longer than WOW actually exist. We was before playing in DAoC. Im not leaving guild but this summer i decided to stop being guildmaster anymore because it started to take too much of my personal time just to handle it. So i promoted my First officer to GM. But, it seems as our raid group geting older and more people giving up game that we will stop raiding. so we actually define that on last officers meeting, and voila… Im looking for new home to raid :D

- What you are looking for in a guild, and in Sunfall specifically?

In Sunfall i have RL friend and you seems like good guild, not to sick about raiding but with better learning curve and progress that others. In short i hope in time i will be given chance to join your raiding group and we see how we go from there :)

- How long have you played World of Warcraft?

From beta.

- How much playtime you have (number of evenings / week will do).

Allmost every evening for several hours. Sometimes Tuesday is problem for me but it can be arranged diferenntly, got quite flexible work hours :)

- What do you think of the Sunfall Charter?

Quite similar to one i created many years ago for TFO :D In short, i agree with all the points, except i will not leave TFO. But, as we become strictly social guild, i will have no problem to consider Sunfall my other home :) And it will really not afect my playtime on Emeral Dream :)

- Is there any Sunfall member that will sponsor your application?

Well, i Know Ynnus IRL, and hope she can sponsor me. I hope it means she will send me Money every week?? :D

About your toon

- Name and class of your toon? Please link to armoury and try to log out in your main spec/gear while being considered.

Gnome. Female. Pink ponytails ofcourse! Only way to go. PRiest, shadow for starters but if we will need healers as well i will keep my Holly and Disc specs open for bussines. ... eam/Jurita

I doubt this link will be much of use for you, i just created her and boosted to 110. So didnt even play 1 quest with her haha. But on Bloodhoof i have all clases / races played, and my lowest character there is level 110.

- Why did you choose this class/role?

I have no specific reason. Actually i talked with Ynnus and she toldd me that she think SP can be deficitary in guild… So there i go! And ofcourse, it is possible now to make gnomish pink pigtailed girl to be priest! Who can resist that! :)

- What kind of talent builds and glyphs do you have? Why did you choose those particular ones?

None yet (bit oudated that question, isnt it? :D )

- Please explain briefly your gemming/enchanting choices.


- What are your next gear upgrades?

First green quest reward i beleive :)

- How do you keep up to date on your class and talent builds? Please give examples of any sources of information you use.

Icy veins im all the time. Subscribed to AMR, As well, even it is not in his former glory, i still using wowhead alot. Oh yea, to Help me with economy i use TSM as well but not with Premium subscription.

- How much raiding experience do you have? What kind of content have you raided before?

All i think. During 14 years there is several endbosses my guild didnt have time to kill but not many. In last expansion or 2 we didnt have enough skilled enough players so our learning curve was bit longer and we have slower progression. But as i describe it, we are familly guild and we trying not to reject anyone who will like to enjoy game in all of it extent. I was personally (as having ALL of classes on higher level) take as my goal as GM and RL to teach everyone who have any chance to learn it, how to play his class to be able to at least pull his own weight in raids.It was bit hell for me and other 1 RL we have, but that is how we love to play it :) Not the toon, but the person behind keyboard we value.

- Which mods do you use for raiding?

Oh. Many actually Most important maybe GTFO (that alone saise our raid progress for at least 15% :D ) DBM... TBH i cannot remember it now by heart and im not in game now. But im open to install all required addons for raiding.

About you as a potential guild member

- A fellow raid member is continually making mistakes on a difficult encounter, contributing to many wipes all night long. He/she did this last week also. How would you expect raidlead to deal with this issue?

Well… There is boiling tar treatments, which will also Help that member skin complection! Joke aside, when someone get to be officer / raidleader / guildmaster im sure he is tested and skilled enough to react in best way possible. If you want, i can write here what im supposed to say, but on end, im sure RL will choose right way to go further. There is many factors that should be considered and i Know how hard is any decision you have to make about any raid member who actually is guildie and being Brother in arms, but it getting even worse to RL if he getting 100 imputs from other raidmembers so let him decide :)

- Someone in guild chat/raid chat has written something that offends you, what do you do?

I seriously dont think in guild chat can be written anything that will offend me, but if that is insoult adressed directly to me i think ill try to joke with it or at least enter to private conversation with that person to see what is wrong. It is game, we all shall enjoy it and i cannot imagine why will anyone feel that strong against me to insoult me :/,

- A fellow guildy is in guild chat trying to get a group for an instance/quest and your class/role is needed but no-one else is available. You are very tired, and are trying to relax but they are now whispering you, asking you to come and help even though you don't really want to. How do you deal with this?

Ah well… I usually accept it, but if im going in role of tank / healer i warn them that i can underperform being tired and on edge of falling asleep :D As my main is holi / prot pally i got that alot :)

- Anything we missed and you very much would like us to know?

Anything i cant get now from top of my ead… I think i was quite extensive on my answers so i think you got idea about me from them.

Hope to hear from you, guys, soon and im off now to level that gnomish beast to 120 :D

Re: Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:30 am
by Ynnus
Jura666 wrote:Well, i Know Ynnus IRL, and hope she can sponsor me. I hope it means she will send me Money every week?? :D
No, it means YOU will send ME Money every week. :)

I sponsor Jura. He is great guy irl and hopefully great guy in-game, and eventually will prove to be better than an empty spot in our raids.

I mean gnomes are tasty even the pink ones. And we need to starting sacrificing gnomes again to the raid gods, when did we stop the tradition?

Re: Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:07 pm
by Jura666
Oo !!!!!!

Gnomes WILL rule the world!! Well.. At least Azeroth.. First we recaptured Gomeregan and now the rest! And we do have that plann to feed all other races to Ragnaros. If we manage to persuade you to do some retro raids.

Ouch.. Did i say to much?? Well… i was just kidding. hahahaha… Funny, isnt it?

Re: Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:01 pm
by Scarmaker
We need a couple of gnomes to believe that. :)

Re: Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:06 am
by Zofre
Hey Damir, the officers have discussed your application and would like to offer you welcome to Sunfall.

Talk to an officer for an invite. :)

Re: Jurita, priest - shadow, social untill i level, later hopefully raider

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:09 pm
by Jura666
Thnx and sure will do :)