Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Application section for potential new Sunfall guild members.
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Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Post by Chump » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:28 pm

Hi All,
My name I Stu, 34 in the UK. I’m a network engineer (I like to think I make the internet run!) based in Leeds.

I started WoW back in Vanilla when I played a warlock and raided through the early days with the guild Crazy Eighty Eights. We cleared MC, BWL most of AQ and briefly set foot in Nax to have a nose around. In BC we did everything up to the 2nd boss in Sunwell (Brutallus?). I also spent some time as Warlock class officer in the guild. The guild started to fall apart in Wrath but I did some PUG raiding before eventually losing interest in the game near the start of cataclysm.

I recently got back into the game at the end of Legion playing Arms warrior (Chump) and eased myself back into raiding with some PUGs. I am currently in a guild (The Arsenal), its mostly just social though and has been very quiet recently so isn’t really filling my urge to get back into organised raiding.

I am currently playing a lot (most weekday evenings) as I am enjoying the content but weekends are when my girlfriend comes over so Im not on as much.

I read your charter and Sunfall seems like a good place for me. Im not looking to be a hardcore 5 days a week raider any more but would like to do a couple of nights a week with people who are happy and patient enough to let people make mistakes, learn and improve without drama.

Sendraks/Libellus is a real life friend who pointed me your way and hopefully will sponsor this application.

My Toon:
During the slow period at the end of Legion I started a Mistweaver Monk as a challenge since I had never played a healer before. I really enjoyed it and it’s a very different challenge to DPS/tank. ... /Chumpette

Im currently setup for dungeons as I have been doing mythics/mythic+ to gear up. So its not optimised yet and haven’t been gemming/enchanting everything as I have been replacing gear so quickly. I have a bag full of crit gear which will be better for raids to swap in. I can assure you that all gear will be up to scratch and ready to go before any raids. This is a habit from the classic/BC days.

I am mainly using cookie cutter stuff from wowhead guides/icy-veins for talent builds, rotations gems etc and try to keep up with class changes. I am still learning the class and I am looking forward to the challenge of raid healing which I am new to.

Raid experience I have said above with the additional Legion stuff including Antorus Heroic. However this was as DPS and a little bit as Tank.

UI setup is currently ELVUI, DBM, Omen but I am happy to add anything that people can suggest will be useful.

About you as a potential guild member:
Q1: Short term I am happy to let people keep trying and learning. I am pretty patient. Long term I might expect the raid leader to bench them for someone more capable or give someone else a chance to shine. Ultimately this for the raid leaders and Officers to decide and isn’t my call. I’ll always just go with whatever they decide.

Q2: I probably wont care. Im quite difficult to offend and even when I am I usually keep my opinions to myself.

Q3: I will always try to help where I can but Im also pretty honest, if Im too tired I would politely decline.

Finally, I am happy to join as a social member if needed as I would like to be in a chatty, active guild. But I would like to be considered for spot fills at raid time.
I hope that covers everything. If you need anything else let me know!

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Re: Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Post by Sona » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:34 pm

Best app ever and any friend of of John and Giles is a friend of ours. From a raiding perspective we’ll look at your app and let you know in a couple days!
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Re: Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Post by Zofre » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:24 pm

Hey Stu.

We have descided to offer you a trial, whisper an officer for invite.

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Re: Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Post by Whitlam333 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:46 pm

Just seen this and have seen you online, a fellow Leodinsian (think that's how you spell it). Welcome. :D :D

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Re: Chumpette, Mistweaver Monk, Raider

Post by g3 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:03 am

We should rename the guild JohnandGiles


I live for f&cking smilies :D :) :( :o 8O :? 8) :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :| :arrow: :idea: :?: :!: :wink: :wink: :roll: :mrgreen: =P~ :^o [-X [-o<

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