Sunfall Charter

Application section for potential new Sunfall guild members.
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Sunfall Charter

Post by Infinity » Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:10 pm

Sunfall Charter

The Golden Rule
To have fun. Simple ne?

The Game Isn't Everything
Keep yourself healthy and happy your personal lives and relationships. No game is worth the decay of your real world lives. However, we hope you make an effort to participate in activities and raids. Those who disappear without any explanation for many weeks may be let go. A simple notice on the boards will do in case of extended absence.

Forum Account Required
We suggest that you read this forum daily to keep up with what going on within the guild. Use the forums to suggest events and it's a great place for posting your ideas, suggestions and any problems you might need help with.

Sunfall Is Your Home
We expect everyone to have Sunfall as their main guild with their main characters. What you do on Horde side or others servers when you log off your Sunfall character is not our business.

Have Respect For Others
Your actions reflect on the entire guild. Whether you are with other guild members or not, you are expected to follow these rules. Help others in need, never to kill steal, loot-hog, or otherwise show traits those immature '1337' kids can have. That said, we do understand the difference between 'being l33t' and 'parodying l33t'. Use your head.

Be Polite
Rudeness, spamming and excessive profanity for the sake of it will not be tolerated. That being said we are a close knit group able to joke with each other without taking undue offence. We enjoy colourful and sometimes adult humor.

Need Over Greed!
When on raids, and on general adventuring, items should go to the classes and members that need it most. However, remember that most of the good instance loot is bind-on-pick up, so the mechanics limit how loot can be distributed amongst the guild. We also understand that people need to keep their own characters funded!

We like to see all our members to follow all Blizzard's policies.
Which means ensuring you're not breaking any of Blizzard's T&Cs with your actions. It's detrimental to your own experience as well as that of those around you. In particular, the buying or selling of in-game gold using real world currencies constitutes a breach of the Sunfall codex in addition to Blizzard's EULA and can result in immediate removal from the guild.

Breach of the codex will be dealt with on an individual basis as and when the need arises. This can (on occasion) result in immediate removal from the guild. All rules, except the Golden Rule, are subject to change.


- Have fun.
- Help and support your fellow guild members as you can.
- Play the hours that suit you.
- Maintain the guild's reputation at all times.

- Sunfall Officers