Sunfall Officers and Guild Ranks

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Sunfall Officers and Guild Ranks

Post by Casper » Wed Dec 28, 2005 6:13 pm

The Sunfall ranking system is detailed as follows; Guild Leadership is made up of the Guild Master and Guardians. The ranks are as follows.

"Guild Master":
Currently: Sienne (Aspasia on forum)

"Guardian", and "Alt - Officer" (for alts):
Currently: Ernie, Zalanth/Kaerathas, Seba, Ynnus, Whoosh, Celeron, Infinity, Sona and Spiritlevel
Long-standing guild commitment and dedication towards the guild members. Guardians are able to recruit and kick members from the guild. All officer ranks will have access to the officer channels ingame and on the forums.

Recruitment Officer
The role is currently held by Celeron. Please submit any queries, or hopeful exceptions under the Sexytime Clause (tm) to him. Any other officer will be happy to help though!

An exceptional honour awarded to any outstanding member of the guardians who has stepped aside from active officer duty.

"Member" and "Alt - Member" (for alts):
Status acquired after a succesful trial application of the candidate.

Default rank given to the fresh meat joining the guild. Normally this rank will be held for four weeks, during which the rest of the guild will be able to decide on their suitability longer term.

- Sunfall Officers
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