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Show your Raiding Setup

Post by Holybarry » Thu May 05, 2016 10:30 am

I am curious how you guys raid, both hardware and UI.
This can be useful information because others may be able to suggest ways to improve your UI or give useful addons that may be of interest for others.


I do not use DBM, maybe i should? but personally i react to the spell effects and the default warnings Blizzard gives.
I use Exodus for the raid cooldowns (top left), positions and notes.
I monitor DPS, and sometimes HPS if i think we're struggling.
I monitor guild chat, raid chat, healer chat separately.
I monitor my highist crits, me and zofre have a thing going there ;)
I do not use iskar assist, it feels like cheating the fight, i only use add-ons to compliment the fight, not manage the fight for me.

I use a 2k resolution, so i can fit a lot of information on the screen.


Main screen for the game, second screen for netflix, twitch, youtube mechanics videos etc.
First screen is 40inch 4k 3D Smart TV etc
Second screen is a high def smart TV at 1080p 32inch

When outside of the raid i have the game settings on max, when in a raid i set everything to low. Reason being i want to focus on the mechanics and not plenty of pretty particles etc.

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Re: Show your Raiding Setup

Post by Ignium » Tue May 10, 2016 5:00 pm

As for my UI goes I have few addons that change it, but mostly the notifications for raids, cooldows and buffs are baked as weak auras.
Besides WA, I use MiK's Scrolling Battle text, bagnon, weakauras, sexymap, Quartz, Skada and DBM/Exorsus

Mid-Combat, no CD's popped:

I think I have a post with all WA on screen somewhere else, but here ya go here aswell:

As for my hardware setup it is a humble Samsung 24'' led monitor and some old ass sound system:

As for in raid as in out I keep my settings at high usually.

p.s. i aprove of izombie :3
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