Star Citizen free-fly until 3rd November!

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Star Citizen free-fly until 3rd November!

Post by Seba » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:57 pm

So! ... ... 7-Free-Fly
In celebration of the recently deployed Alpha 3.7 patch, we've just launched a Free Fly event. There's never been a better time to bring your friends into the fold, with the opportunity to try out the game for free and hop in one of five popular ships all week long starting from today at 7:00pm UTC to November 3rd at 6:59am UTC.

Available to test-fly are stalwart starter ships like the Mustang Alpha and Aurora MR, beloved mainstays the Avenger Titan and Cutlass Black, and Alpha 3.7's newly flyable Banu Defender.
Make an account at (and use referral code STAR-9TR5-9T2C to give us both an extra 5000 UEC, the in-game currency, once it launches if you decide to buy the game), download the client and GO! Works great with dual-sticks (and HOTAS etc.), though I'm usually too lazy to set them up and use the mouse and keyboard instead ;)

I'd advise sooner rather than later, as it's about a 51GB download... Any questions? Feel free to ask here or DM me and I'll try to answer or at least point you towards answers ;)

If you just want to give it a look, check out Twitch for streams... Moist_Noodle, The_Few, NerdShowAndTell and BadNewsBaron are all good streamers who are on frequently... Give it a look, go "Wow!", download and get flying! :)

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