Items for future website? ( at of cyl)

This is the place to put your ideas about what you want to see on the website
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Items for future website? ( at of cyl)

Post by Maverix » Sat Jun 11, 2005 12:29 pm

Just some things IF a sfr webite was set up that would be ncie to have on the site ( content provided by us)

1) Homepage - Welcome message, a bit about the guild and the history
2) Memberlist/Guild Structure
3) Gallery
4) RL photos
5) SWG update notes ( post details of the most latest patch here_
6) Links to usefull sites
7) SWG charatcer builder ( downloadable program)
8) Map of Sunfall
9) Rp /Histories - extracts from the Histories forums and player bios and RP bits.
10) Game Guides - quests and gameplay tips

just some intial ideas.
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