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Latest Project

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:21 pm
by Holybarry
I've started a new project that i hope will be done before legion. The last app was purely frontend, so it was slow fetching and processing data. So ive got hold of a server and building a backend to fetch, transform and store guild data. With this data i can build nice, fast frontend applications that can just use my API to get ingame data.

Warcraft Raid Tool:

Tool will allow officers and guild leaders to setup raids / events, build rosters and have members use their live accounts to login and signup to raids. This will allow the application to see what specs / rolls you're signing up in. Giving less work to leaders to build good raid teams.

This will be a live service, free, no ads, any guild can use. So i hope we do also ;)

Code will be open source as well :D