Sample successful application - Jedi Goodapp

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Sample successful application - Jedi Goodapp

Post by Spiritlevel » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:08 am

(this is not an actual app – just one we’ve made up to give you the general idea)

Recruitment Questions


About You. Please tell us a bit about yourself in real life and about your character:
Hi. My name’s Mick, and IRL I work in the NHS approving order forms for the widgets that go on the wotsits that go on the machines that go ping in our hospitals. Clarly I have a vocation for healing the needy, which is why my Sage character, Jedi Goodapp is specced for healing rather than dps. I’ve just hit 50, and healed a few hard modes to get my toon geared a bit better, and I’d quite like to do some raids, as well as chilling out in guild chat.

MMO & Clan History:
I played a bit of WoW in Burning Crusade with the guild NotCompletelyIncompetent, and raided a bit, though had a game break because of new kids and changing jobs.

Reason for wanting to join Sunfall:
I really fancy the sexy Swedish chick who’s your guild leader. I grouped with her in HM False Emperor, and she’s hawt.
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Re: Sample successful application - Jedi Goodapp

Post by nerodine » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:01 pm

Dude knows his widgets and Swedish Nazis, get him in.

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