Sunfall Rebels Charter **PLEASE READ**

Application section for potential new Sunfall Rebels guild members.
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Sunfall Rebels Charter **PLEASE READ**

Post by istali » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:26 am

On the 24th of April 2004 The UK Rebellion Movement was replaced by a new Rebel Player Association <SFR>.

Home to the Sunfall Rebels [Chimaera Server]. The original Guild started on Wanderhome where it was known as UKRM, when the European servers were released the guild was moved here by the original guild leader Cid Leon (known also as darkbolt). The guild flourished but eventually came to an end when people went their own ways forming smaller, closer groups of several guilds. The core and heart of UKRM formed under a new name under the leadership of Xan-mace ( Cobraz / poke) and changed the name to the more appropriate Sunfall Rebels (SFR).

The Guild grew strong and always keeping it's closeness feel that we seemed to have lost towards the end of UKRM. Old members returned and we once again united the core of the original Ukrm under the new name. After Xan-Mace (poke/cobraz) stepped down, long time member Maverix Kaelell (Giga) took the reigns of the guild until just before the NGE.

Following the introduction of the NGE, Istali took office as Guild Leader and led the Sunfall Rebels through one of the darkest times in SWG History, preserving both the spirit and membership of the PA for a total of seventeen months at which point he has taken on the role of HC Advisor. His successor was Sun-Tzu Liao, a long time Sunfaller. The current Guild Leader is again Istali. SFR is a well respected guild within the Chimaera community and we are justifiably proud of this position. Remember that anyone wearing the SFR tag is an ambassador for the guild and certain high standards in maturity and conduct are expected.

If you apply it is assumed you understand the above and that you and ALL your toons are rebel.

SFR Policy & Structure
Our guildhall is located on Tatooine the current Mayor is Istali. Forum discussion is strongly encouraged. It helps us keep that family spirit and it also help you get to know us a little better. Besides which we hold regular votes on Guild issues and announcement are often made on the forums. Not regularly checking the forums could result in your missing a vital vote. We have a citizen tax of 2000 credits per week. This is to help provide upkeep for the guildhall and city structures. Donations can be made to our Mayor and will help towards the up keep of our city.

High Council
The HC is a branch of the SFR that has the responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the PA and to ensure the charters are adhered to. The HC are in place to be a focal point for any issues in game and to make general day to day decisions which are associated with the running of the PA. The current Elders are:
  • Istali, Anfield, Pha'ze, R-sole, Rhy'so - Guild Leader
    Share, 'Gemma, Alexandra', Gemini- and Gemini'
    Mirmandamus, Mikk, Mirm and Mirman
    Oetovi, 'Rage' and Staivi
    Mae, Megs, Novatia and Nunn
All members are responsible for creating and participating in Guild Events. We actively encourage our members to organize these and to involve themselves in the life and running of the Sunfall Rebels. There is a section in the forums to create events and promote them to the other members.

The guild is based on a few simple Aims:
  • Help others where you can
    Welcome all players to Sunfall
    Griefing etc is not permitted
    No trashtalk/ argue with someone you have killed or have been killed
    BHs/BH companions will not take missions against and Rebel characters
    Do not get involved in flame wars on forums/SOE official forums.
    Abusive and offensive language is unacceptable.
    No racists or references (offensively) to peoples culture, religion etc
    Any offensive or illegal posts may be deleted depending on the content
    All toons have to be Rebel
    Multi Guilding is not allowed in SFR, we want 100% committed players to help us improve your game time.
    An Application is required to join SFR
Charter for PVP Players in the Guild
The mission and goals are simple. Base destruction, death to the Imperials, mass destruction ... however you will be expected to adhere to the guidelines above when in the community (Sunfall). Trash talk both in spatial and in /gu will not be allowed in Sunfall. You must adhere to the community rules when in the community. However ... war is war, its dirty and unforgiving. Mistakes happen and in the confines of your army/unit you are free to cause destruction, pain and suffering as you see fit.

Welcome to the Sunfall Rebels.