Recruitment Update

Application section for potential new Sunfall guild members.
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Recruitment Update

Post by Duraal » Fri Jul 25, 2008 11:18 am

Dear Applicant,

The AoC Sunfall Guild in August shall open its doors for the first time to an "Open Door Recruitment" policy. Previously we had maintained recruitment as "Sponsorship Recruitment" only (you were referred here by a Sunfall member to apply).

We shall continue to maintain "Sponsorship Recruitment", but in addition as part of the "Open Door Recruitment" we shall each month open 10 positions in the Sunfall Guild to new members.

Advertisement shall be in-game and via the AoC official forums only. The recruitment procedures indicated in the FAQ of this forum still apply and invitation will only be approved from a successful forum application. NO random in-game invitations will be considered.