I was bored...

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I was bored...

Post by ZhGSand » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:26 pm

The twin suns Tatoo 1 and Tatoo 2 were at their highest point in the Tatooine sky, and most of the wildlife were either buried in the sands or hiding in caves to avoid the intense heat and light, for those who were not smart enough or quick enough to take shelter, madness gripped, soon to be followed by death itself.
Bluefin d'Guppy surveyed his surroundings, "Why would anyone want to live here?" he asked himself, his huge omnidirectional eyes scoured the area, stone, dust, and not a lot else, luckily for him, his brother knew Tatooine well, and suggested this location for the meeting, a small oasis a few clicks south east of Mos Eisely.

"Why would anyone want to live there?" He mused, the outlands were bad enough, but the cities were positively dangerous.
Bluefin didnt like Tatooine, not since the first day he had ever travelled there, mainly because Tatooine was an arid world, where most of the inhabitants lived in overcrowded cities, and crime was rife, and that was in the better cities.
"Where is he?" Bluefin grumbled, "He's never on time, how he ever got to be a warrior is beyond me, I reckon he could be a general by now, if he'd got to the battles on time!". "Thanks be to the Great Oceans, that I have the patience of a Jedi".

He was referring to his brother Greenfin, who although was always late, was also forgiven, for Greenfin was Bluefins baby brother. lthough a happy soul by nature, Bluefin was also a very nervous and timid character, slight of build, but with a majesty to him, that no one failed to notice.
He thought at times, it was his nervousness that kept him alive, tho the true reason, was his training as a rifleman and at one time a bounty hunter, a job he held for a short time, because, no matter how serious the crime his mark had commited, Bluefin couldnt bring himself, to shoot on them.
What he could bring himself to do though, was dance, and sing, and make music, he excelled at the arts, and with the money he'd raised from hunting trips on Dantooine he'd paid for his own tuition at the Theed Centre for Performing Arts, he trained hard and continuosly, to the extent, his name is written in the Theed Perfoming Arts Roll of Honour.
Bluefin was very proud of himself, and so to was his brother.

A small noise behind him, stirred him from imagining his new dance routine, jumping up, with pistol in hand, some habits never die, he was ready, probably a Jawa he thought to himself, but through the hazy air, a shape came into view. "A soldier of some kind perhaps?" wondered Bluefin.
As the armor suited entity came closer, Bluefin smiled, he recognised his brother Greenfin, fully clad in that new fangled composite armor everyone's been talking about, but it didnt matter what armor he wore, Mon Cals had a terrible time with any form of armor due to their headshape, he looked like a Corellian popsicle!

Holstering his weapon and still smiling, Bluefin greeted his brother "Greetings my brother, it is good to see you, even tho you look like a lollypop!".
The figure came to a stand a few feet from Bluefin, raised it's hands to its helmet and proceeded to unhook the visor. huge yellow eyes appeared, one staring ahead, the other rotating, scanning the area.
"If anyone else had said that to me, they would be hurting by now". Greenfin looked serious, but couldnt contain himself, and grabbed his brother and hoisted him

up in his arms and hugged him tight. "Hello my dear dear sibling", "Thank you for agreeing to meet me here". Greenfin said to Bluefin, and then gently lowered him back to the ground.
"Actually, I was going to ask you about that, why here?" asked Bluefin.
Greenfin suddenly became more serious, "I wanted privacy, and where better than in the middle of the Southern Desert!"
"Yes, as always concerning secrecy, you're right, I mean, even I like to be alone, at times, but this place... "

Greenfin laughed, and then sat on the dry sandy floor, "Sit brother, I have things to tell you".
"You think that because you're an entertainer and merchant, you feel helpless in our struggle against the Empire yes?".
Bluefin sighed, he did feel helpless, he wanted to do more, he wanted to fight, to be like his brother, and to be like Sand, "Yes, I truly wish I had just but an ounce of your courage my brother, and I would take my place alongside you in the fight for freedom."
It pained Greenfin to hear this, even though he'd heard it from his brother plenty of times before. "But my brother, you are in a unique position, You overhear things, seemingly unimportant things, which you then pass on to me, and believe me, a lot of the things you tell me, are of the upmost importance to the Alliance."

"Maybe so Greenfin, but it just doesnt feel the same as having a blaster in my hand" Replied Bluefin.
"Maybe that's a blessing my dear Bluefin".
Both brothers jumped in unison, except Greenfin rose with pistol in hand, and Bluefin rose, standing just behind Greenfin.
"Sand?" enquired Greenfin.

"Hello my friends, I'm glad you could both meet me here," said Sand, "we dont have much time, so I'll be to the point, any questions, please ask after I have told you what you are about to hear".
Bluefin gave his brother a quizzical glance, "Yes, yes, I know" Greefin said to his brother, "I forgot to mention that Sand had arranged the meeting".
"Brother, there's times when I could, I could..."
Sand smiled, somethings never change he thought to himself, but soon, things have to change, must change.

Greenfin noticed the smile on Sand's face fade to a slight frown. "What disturbs you Sand?"
"Brothers d'Guppy, there has been a great disturbance in the Force, even as we speak, thousands are just simply disapearing, we dont know where to, or why, we think the Empire is behind it, which brings me to our meeting today".

The brothers sat as did the Jedi, "Tell us what we can do Sand".
"My friends, there is much change coming, and soon, far sooner than anyone expected, and the Alliance isnt ready, yet, neither is the Empire I suspect, but the overall galactic situation has forced this upon us all".
"There is a time of great strife and confusion which is going to hit all of the Core Systems, and it's going to affect everyone, so everyone will need to be on their guard, Bluefin, I need you to carry on being my eyes and ears for the time being, but and this is a big but, the Alliance may have need for you to be more covert, possibly going undercover".

"You mean you want me to be a spy? For the Alliance?". Gulped Bluefin.
"Possibly yes, I'd like to know that if this is required, that you would be ready and able to do that for the Alliance".
"Well, I'm no good with a blaster that's for sure." said Bluefin.
"Dont be so hard on yourself brother, You were once a rifleman and a Bounty Hunter, and a mean shot from what I remember". Admonished Greenfin.
"Yes, Greenfin, I was, but that was a long time ago, and I've been softened by the arts over the years" Bluefin said sadly and somewhat ashamedly.
"What you have learnt, you never forget Bluefin, remember that, if the time comes to use the skills you once so expertly possessed, they will return to you, of that I have no doubt" stated Sand.
"And you my dear Greenfin, the task the Alliance has for you, is simple, keep doing what you are doing, for the time being anyways, but be prepared for it has been foreseen of chaos and anarchy on the streets and in the towns and cities".

"Foreseen? by who?" asked Bluefin, curious as always.
"Rumours are of a great and honored Jedi, has returned to us, and telling some of those who have seen him, of upcoming turmoil, I've been to where he is, but I havent seen him" said Sand.
"Who, who can that be?"

Bluefin was beside himself with excitement, "I know, I know, it's Ben, Ben Kenobi has returned, I've heard travellers to Mustafar, telling tales of a ghost of a great Jedi has been seen around the mines on Mustafar".
"See Bluefin?" Sand smiled, "And you say you feel helpless, and you've confirmed what others have been saying".
Greenfin was trying to take the information in.
"Ben is back? surely thats a good sign for the Alliance?" He asked.
Sand sighed "We dont know Greenfin, we truly dont, and until we have made contact with him, or rather until I have made contact with him, we wont know, which brings me to this point in our meeting"

Bluefin and Greenfin exchanged glances with each other, then the two brother both, stared at Sand.
"My friends, I have to leave you, I have to try to make contact with Ben, I cant do that here, I have to travel to Mustafa and follow the rumours till I find him".
"But you cant go Sand, the Alliance needs you here, we need you here" sobbed Bluefin.
"Bluefin d'Guppy, stem those tears, do not cry over something that has to be done," Sand said sternly, "I will go to Mustafa and I will meet with Ben, no matter how long it takes, until then, the Alliance needs you to do the things I have asked you to do, I need you to do them, and I need you to be strong in heart and courage".

Bluefin wiped the tears from his eyes, "Yes, you're right, we've been through worse together and alone, but for the first time, I feel afraid, very afraid Sand".
Sand shuffled over to Bluefin and hugged his friend, "I can understand your fear Bluefin, but remember, fear leads to the Darkside, and the Darkside would swallow you whole my friend, and I know that you wont ever let that happen".
"Talking of swallowing, I'm hungry" Greenfin gasped, "It's been nearly 2 hours since I last ate".

Sand and Bluefin looked at each other, then at Greenfin, and then both doubled up laughing, and this time, Bluefin was crying tears of joy, not of sorrow.
"Trust you to lighten the mood, my brother, though I do worry that soon, you will be as large as Jabba's tum".
"I will start some food" Said Sand, igniting his lightsaber and holding it against a small rock, until the rock glowed a dull red with heat, then from his small backpack, he produced, something the d'Guppys loved, and he knew they did, bofa treats, ever since he'd known them as hatchlings and throughout their spawn years, they'd never stopped loving bofa treats.

"Lets heat and eat these treats" Sand remarked, to which both brothers both fell about laughing uncontrollably, "What?, what's wrong?, what did I say?".
"Haha, never mind Sand, lets just say the Force works in sometimes strangeways, and leave it at that shall we?" Said Greenfin, poor Bluefin was still rolling around on the floor in hysterics.
"If I live to be 1000 years old, I'll never understand you two at times" sighed Sand.
He glanced over to the twin suns that had dropped so low into the Tatooine sky, "Brothers, look at that, the suns, Tato1 is red, and Tato2 is Golden, dont they make for a beautful view?".

It was true, the reds and the golds of the twin suns intermingled with the blues and greys of the oncoming night to paint the sky awash with color.
The two brothers took their places beside the Jedi and watched, one of the most spectacular sunsets they had ever seen.

"It will work out ok wont it Sand?" Asked Bluefin.

"I hope so, my friends, I hope so".
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