Fallen Earth brings me back here

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Fallen Earth brings me back here

Post by Tinus » Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:22 am

Hey peeps,

After I quit SWG to play WoW I ended up on a server to play with some RL buddies as that was more intreseting at the time. I never got round to looking you people up again, but as some other buddies are stille round here (OmerO en Whybe) I thought:"let's see what happened". It's good to see things are still running :) gratz on that all!

In the meantime I also started playing Fallen Earth mainly because I like crafting in an mmo. That was one of the good things about SWG and it's back in this game. It's simplified a bit (there are not that many qualities to resources) but still i need a couple of vaults to keep track of all the junk I collect. Everuthing I wear and use as a weapon I crafted myself and that feels good. Not only beacuse I made it, but also because that's by game design as you hardly ever find stuff that's better than what you cvan craft: Lovely! Other benefits: mature content and no elves, pixies & sprites just zombies and other mutated stuff to kill. The promo movies tell it all: http://www.fallenearth.com

So, I'm not back and I can't even remember the ingame char name I had, but I'll look around the forum if there are any takers on Fallen Earth and then it would be great to team up: so you there perhaps :)


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Re: Fallen Earth brings me back here

Post by whybe » Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:41 am

Heya mister silly Bothan!

No idea about the Falen Earth game, but I belief you wanted to give Star Trek a go?
Try PM-ing seffyroff, i know he for one is playing ST.
There is a page for ST as well but i have no idea if that is public :)


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