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This category is for the use of any and all past and present members of UKRM, SFR, Sunfall, RRF, or any other incarnations of our guild. Basically open to anyone, but with the intention of being used by people a connection to Sunfall.
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Post by Hachiman » Thu May 31, 2007 11:30 am

Kaerathas wrote:And now we're the most Rainbow Guild Evah! \o/

I claim the glory of introducing the term "prison code" to Sunfall and dragging it into the darkness... :twisted:

Read up funboy, you are going down ^_^

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Re: sunfall history

Post by Cylindric » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:59 pm

I quote verbatim from a touching post written by Kanubis, in the dim and distant past to commemorate his 1000th post, on Wednesday May 19, 2004. (He's now on 3400+...
Kanubis The Concise wrote:A Brief History of the UKRM/SFR

Why do I write this? The guild has become my family and the reason that I have the strength to fight this war. However, the truth is that at the moment we are losing. We rarely say this aloud, and we keep our spirits high, but nonetheless we are outnumbered heavily and lack the resources to fight on an even ground. Should the worst come to be, I will not let this fine organisation be forgotten, nor the truth we represent be covered over. Therefore I record this in the hope that should we be defeated, others will read this and succeed where we failed.

UKRM are largely associated with the city of Sunfall these days, but their origins can be traced back further. I wasn’t there at the beginning, but I am lucky enough to know some that were; others I fear are largely forgotten. I do know that led by Cid Leon, or Darkbolt as I believe he was known at the time, they fought the Empire from early on in the war. Some of the most recognised figures were there even then: Zeke Marin, Riggwelter Mulstrum, Euk, Elora, Aurra Sgall… many of them went by different names then and I suppose had to change them when they became too prominent in Imperial records.

In time they established a base, and had the impressive temerity to build it within half a day’s walk from the Imperial nest at Bestine. This was the beginning of Sunfall, a guildhall to plan UKRM operations, a City Hall, and a small cluster of houses. And it was at this point that I stumbled onto the guild.

Like many rebels at the time, I operated out of Anchorhead. This was before it became a playground for Imperials looking to harass the locals. On one hunt I found myself out heading towards Wayfar and decided to visit the small settlement to see if Imperial presence was high there; I anticipated even then that Anchorhead would not be safe forever. Long before I would have reached Wayfar, I came to Sunfall. There I met two other prominent names from the guild’s early days; Oobiaa and Darovarr, both of whom played a large part in UKRM’s military operations. Within a day I had joined their ranks.

The next couple of months were a time that I will remember fondly however the war progresses. We were all still bolstered by the destruction of the Deathstar, and behind the determined drive of Cid, the mayor Mulstrum, and the ruling High Council (Zeke, Morbird, Elora, Euk, Darovarr) Sunfall prospered and grew. Aurra, the charismatic twi’lek, opened a Cantina that became a social focus for the city. We were amongst the first cities from the war era to have our own shuttleport. Thanks to our own fine crafters, the arrival of the rebel-sympathetic crafting guild SInc, and the formation of the nearby trade city New Hamburg, Sunfall became a commercial success.

We had worries of course, the Imperial guild MOF had established a military outpost nearby, and to the South-East, Kyrandia had made it’s allegiance to the Empire clear, and was also starting to construct military bases. We made one attempt to take down MOF’s outpost, but through our inexperience it failed. Rather than risk bringing too much Imperial attention to Sunfall, we decided then to keep our military operations covert.

Over the next few months the war became more fierce. Whilst fighting in Southern Tatooine was fairly rare, a rebel community to the north, the TSA Stronghold, was frequently involved in skirmishes with the Imperial cities of Fort Knox and Majestic City.

At this time we had appointed the bloodthirsty Bounty hunter Shakina to lead our Military Operations. Her commitment to the Rebellion was impressive, and she was responsible for the death of many Imperials. Likewise, I had by this time become an accomplished commando, and was appointed to assist Shakina.

By and large though, the Empire’s interest in Tatooine had diminished since it had first come here in search of Commander Skywalker. MOF moved their interests to Dantooine, and along with many other rebels we were able to take Kyrandia’s bases down. I believe that they too decided that they could best serve the Emporer elsewhere.

By now, our ranks had swollen to almost unmanageable levels. What had begun as a family had become, I suppose, a rabble. Now that Southern Tatooine was secure, the guild had a lack of focus. Shakina, shaken by revelations that her brother had been killed in the Imperial Prison on Dathomir, and finding disturbing references to her own heritage, left. I assumed her post as head of the Military Operations. I wasn’t a great leader, I know that, but in my time there I founded valuable links with rebel cells, becoming a confidant of the warrior Saulron, who led the Echo cell, and became someone that TSA knew they could call on for assistance.

Whilst some members drifted off (you must realise that many of our numbers were striken by wanderlust – this is how they came to us, and this is how they left.) Rameses, a stalwart of UKRM, was a prime example of those that one day just felt the need to move on, and was seen disappearing over the hills to the north of Sunfall.

However, as the unsettled left, new blood had continued to come into the guild. I would name them all if I could, but they are too many. I will mention the doctor Cylindric, and my fellow warrior Maverix, who were I believe key in the revitalisation of our community. The rebel warriors of the LRDP cell had also settled in Sunfall and integrated themselves into the community.

During this time I had become a confident of Cid, and I could see the strain of leadership weighing on him. He had become an administrator, and I could sense the frustration of a man who was bound by paperwork when his soul cried out for battle. It was however, as much of a shock to me as anyone when he announced that he was leaving.

I went to see Cid the next day – he had already set up a new home at a picturesque location on Naboo. We talked for a long time. In my soul I wanted to follow him, but I knew that the right action was to continue his work. So I travelled back to Tatooine (how ugly it seems after the paradise of Naboo!), and found that Zeke, a name possibly more identified with UKRM than any other, had called the Council together. I was invited in my capacity as head of Military Operations. Elora, Euk, Morbird and the newer council members Cylindric and Xan-Mace the wookie were also there.
We made the decision that night that we wouldn’t let UKRM die. However, some changes were inevitable. I think we could see the wanderlust in Elora’s eyes as soon as we entered the room. I guess it’s none of my concern, but it seemed to me that the ever-cheerful Zeke looked particularly broken when she announced her departure. Tearfully, she left for new adventures with some of the guild’s most well-known members; Meira, Yssi, Meurig, Djak. I heard they met up with Oobiaa, who had unbeknownst to all but a select few been spying from within the Empire for months, providing me with the vital information I needed for my operations. Riggwelter announced that he too would be leaving. We could not begrudge him this; Sunfall had grown into a sprawling and prosperous metropolis under his guidance.

I was voted onto the High Council immediately (I don’t recall offering, but my ambition to sit on the council was hardly a secret.) We disbanded the Military Operations as an official body – experience had showed us that we were at our most effective working with other cells.

A few other members took the opportunity to start afresh, but this only helped; slowly the family feeling was coming back. Maverix was inevitably awarded a place on the High Council when Morbird stepped down to focus on the war more. This in reward for throwing a street party in Sunfall that reminded us all how lucky we were with the guild and the city.

Things looked good, we believed then that UKRM would still be standing at the end of the war. We were wrong. I guess we got cocky, and were stupid enough to move all our key personnel through an old starport at once. To this day we don’t know if they were expecting us, but we were set upon by an imperial squad we could not defeat. Worst of all, I wasn’t there, having left Sunfall the week before to scout out Imperial bases elsewhere in the galaxy. I received a call from Euk when the attack started, but there was no way I could get back to Tatooine in time. When I finally arrived, our numbers were decimated. Zeke, Rubix, Keiras, Tephros, Kess and Maverix, amongst others were missing, and most likely dead. I was already planning their epitaphs the next day when Maverix was found, barely alive, in the desert. Those of us that were left lay low, the name UKRM was not mentioned. Eventually, after a couple of weeks, we informed Mon Mothma that we were disbanding the guild as it was – the name was both too dangerous and, perhaps more to the point, too painful.

Despite the loss we had suffered, we had to fight on. The Empire, as always, failed to realise that our resolve was only strengthened by these events. We formed under a new banner: the SFR, Sunfall Rebels. Maverix and I started to recruit new troops in a Freedom Fighting force. Our spirits were bolstered when Rubix returned, miraculously alive. It turned out that he had been helping rehabilitate an old friend of Cid’s, Nevoss, who had turned to the Empire – a job that needed him to stay undercover, even from us. Unfortunately, of Zeke and the others, he could tell us nothing.

He didn’t need to. Less than a month after he came back, Maverix found himself being rescued from certain death by the very people he hadn’t expected to ever see again. Zeke, Kess and Keiras had returned, and significantly, they bought with them two Jedi to help the cause.

Once again, people’s spirits were up. There was further cause for celebration when Maverix was married to Anebi, one of the many who had been with the guild since we called ourselves UKRM. Cylindric conducted the service, on the glorious balcony at Theed Palace.

In the coming days we restructured. Euk, having given his all for the guild for so long, stepped down. He still had close contact, we knew, with old friends, and I suspect he longed to see more of them. Rubix was promoted to the High Council, by unanimous decision. Anebi, a driving force in the community since the new guild was born, also earned her place on the High Council.

So there we are. Maybe not the most interesting read, but history is important, and the guild and those that made it must not be forgotten. Once again we are major players in the Rebellion. We have the honour to have scouted and located the site on which the rebel complex of Liberty Bay is built, and we play an active role in the newly-formed Rebel Alliance Network. Our community grows stronger, our members closer after the hardships we have endured. We will continue Cid’s work as best we can, and maybe, with the Force guiding us, we will finish the job, overthrow the tyranny in the galaxy and emerge victorious from this bloody conflict.

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Re: sunfall history

Post by Sun-Tzu » Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:38 pm

I think Atlan wrote a nice history himself which I liked.

A lot has happened int he time since you all left swg as well. No one has documented it though probably the only ones who are able to cobble anything together would be myself and Istali. Maybe we should one day...
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Re: sunfall history

Post by OmerO » Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:49 am

ooh.. 't was good reading that old post again.. this may be a fine moment to prod cyl with a very old question of mine again.. can the "user history/story" bit be moved to this part of the forums, as there's some cool stories in there every sunfaller should have access to.. I know -I- want to re-read a few of those, but lost access when I left swg :(
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Re: sunfall history

Post by Spiritlevel » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:04 am

Thanks for posting this.

1. Very interesting.
2. Gives a real sense of continuity.
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Re: sunfall history

Post by Sun-Tzu » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:15 am

OmerO wrote:ooh.. 't was good reading that old post again.. this may be a fine moment to prod cyl with a very old question of mine again.. can the "user history/story" bit be moved to this part of the forums, as there's some cool stories in there every sunfaller should have access to.. I know -I- want to re-read a few of those, but lost access when I left swg :(

That's not a bad idea as few of the SFRians we have now use it. In fact I think I may have been the last to post their history...
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Re: sunfall history

Post by Oobiaa » Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:03 pm

Ahh great memories!
I too would love to see the stories section.
C'mon Cyl make it so

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Re: sunfall history

Post by Kanubis » Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:06 pm

Yeah Cyl, I would love to be able to read some of the other stuff again :D

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